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The Human-Animal Connection

The Human-Animal Connection

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The Human-Animal Connection helps you deepen your relationships with all animals. By connecting with our own animal nature, we open to our essence, our sensory intelligence, our intuition, and our true purpose. In doing so, we dissolve the barriers to authentic communication through the language of silence.


  • Understand the feelings, thoughts, desires, and opinions of animals

  • Discover love beyond words and profound animal communication

  • How animals and people can rebuild a sense of safety and heal from trauma

  • How Sensory Intelligence expands your intuition

  • How Therapy Animals bring comfort and smiles

  • Access your Divine Connection with all living beings


Honoring Animal Wisdom Makes Us Better People


The 33 Principles guide your journey of self-discovery through respecting animal wisdom and embracing your “animality.” Journal questions and a workbook with practice exercises are included. It is time to embrace the joy, healing, and sense of purpose that comes from profound connections with animals.



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Introduction to The Human-Animal Connection


This is a book about relationships: relationships between humans and animals. It was written for people who love animals and seek to go deeper in their communication and connection with the animal world. All relationships benefit from greater understanding and purer, more authentic communication—including the relationship with the animals who share our lives. Being more peaceful, balanced, and empathic with animals changes who we are. And just as importantly, it changes the potential for how we relate to other humans.  

We know that animals communicate. While the full extent of HOW they communicate may not be fully understood, the body of evidence supporting how rich and deeply emotional their communication is grows by the day. Thus, we can no longer deny that animals do communicate. They teach, learn, remember, make complex choices, are capable of empathy, and have a sense of self and other. Animals are communicating all the time, but it is up to us to listen. Listening helps us connect in deeper ways and opens the door to a more loving and profound relationship. Animals have much to teach us—if we are willing to accept their wisdom. And not only can they help heal us, but by truly understanding them, we can be of service and begin to repay humanity’s debt to animals.  

We are living in a time of tremendous breakthroughs in the scientific understanding of animal cognition and intelligence. Animals can no longer be viewed through unenlightened prejudice as if they are simple, mechanistic automatons powered only by instinctual responses. They have minds—emotions, thoughts, and desires—and they have strategies for solving problems. They laugh, they play, and they bond deeply. It is exciting how many scientists, who are on the vanguard of animal studies, are willing to explore the rich inner lives of animals, including a few who dare to contemplate the question of animal consciousness. Now is the time to embrace what unites us with the entire animal kingdom, as, after all, we are all animals!  


Learning to communicate even more deeply with animals will expand your world in delightful ways. I am thrilled that you are ready to take the next step on your healing journey, and I wish you all the wild joy of a deeper connection with all living beings.

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Genie & Sophia

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