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The Human-Animal Connection Book
Advanced Praise

Advance Praise for The Human-Animal Connection 


I have had the privilege of being a part of The Human Animal Connection’s high school class, Canines Teach Compassion. I am always delighted to see how much joy the Therapy Animals bring to the students, how they help lower their stress levels, and to feel better about themselves. I heartily recommend this program and the methods described in The Human-Animal Connection book.

Brigadier General Ken Johnson, USAF (Ret.) 

Please accept my sincere gratitude for the TREMENDOUS work you are doing through your program, Act Resilient, and its work with Therapy Animals. It is grass roots programs like this that are making the most difference in the lives of our Soldiers and their families…I applaud all that you are doing and continue to do…you are making a difference.

- General Peter Chiarelli, Vice Chief of Staff, US Army (Ret.) 

Non-human animals can reach people in ways that are deeper than ideas and thoughts. Love, authentic connection, and peaceful comfort are gifts of being sincerely present with an animal. The Human-Animal Connection methods provide a significant and profound contribution to trauma healing beyond words.

- Richard I. Ries, Psy.D., M.S.Ed. Chairperson of the Hawai'i State Council on Mental Health 


The truth is that it is humankind that needs rescuing! The Human Animal Connection is a tremendously valuable and friendly guide for learning to truly see, listen to and relate with our animal teachers. When we follow their wisdom, we receive the gift of returning home to love, wholeness, peacefulness, and joy. We remember our belonging, our true nature and can begin to heal our world.

- Dr. Patricia Billard, Psychologist, New York, NY 

Genie Joseph has captured the essence and mystique that surrounds the ability to communicate with animals, to hear their voices, and to connect to them on a deep emotional level.When I began transforming my non-profit equine rescue to being a voice for animals and to foster connections between humans and animals, I reached out to Genie and she guided me onto the path that I am on today as an advocate for animals.Genie teaches us that the animals are trying to communicate with us, we just have to be still and listen.Thank you, Genie, for being a voice for the animals and for letting us know that we have the ability to communicate with all life.

- Afton Witmer, President, Wild Horse Haven Rescue, Safford, Arizona 

The Human-Animal Connection is a philosophy of transformation. These principles changed how I relate to my dog and gave me tools in my work with others based upon the wisdom of the senses and how we can listen to our own bodies for true guidance in our own lives.

- Peter Farrow, Somatic Experiencing Therapist, Tucson, Arizona  


As a facilitator of the Human-Animal Connection’s therapy dog program, I was humbled to witness the healing powers of dogs interacting with high school students. Results showed over 50% decrease in stress levels, and a noticeable increase in social skills. I highly recommend using Dr. Joseph’s approaches to therapy dog work in classrooms, as stress can have a dramatic and lasting impact on academic performance.

- Chantal Boshuizen, Psychologist, The Netherlands 


The Human-Animal Connection offers a manifesto for change that will profoundly alter our relationships with the animals in our lives. It has the potential to revolutionize the way animals are treated in our society.

- Julie Sloane, NYU Film Professor, New York, NY  

I have always loved animals, but I have not always understood what they were thinking or feeling. This book gave me an understanding and a way to unlock the mystery. It has very much deepened my relationship with my cats.

- Matthew Gray, Entrepreneur, Honolulu, Hawaii 

Ms. Joseph's beautiful legacy is a tribute to our animals and to the animal within to teach us about ourselves. I wish animals could read, they would all say to Genie, Good girl! And thank you.

- Ginia Desmond, Film Producer, Tucson, Arizona  

The Human-Animal Connection draws parallels between the actions of other species and our own, giving us permission to view motive without judgement or reproach. It helps us view problem behaviors as the solutions they were meant to be, relief from fear or pain. This book gives us a safe way to observe, acknowledge and explore behavior. Every living thing needs choice to thrive, and this book gives you an easy map to follow. Read this book.

- Lynne Stott CPDT-KA Top Dogs Trainer, Pima Animal Care Center, Tucson, Arizona 

If you love animals...READ THIS BOOK! I've always enjoyed connection with animals, but the concepts and practical guidance found in "The Human-Animal Connection" have shown me ways of relating and depths of connection and communication with animals I never imagined possible. Using these techniques has forever changed how I relate to animals, myself, and fellow humans too. These teachings have started me on a profound journey. I can't wait to see where it takes me next!

- Nathan Bush, USAF Veteran, Boulder, Colorado 

The Human-Animal Connection by Genie Joseph is a must read in order to reconnect with the Goodness that surrounds us and that we often neglect to see or feel. Once you open your mind and your heart to see our interconnectedness with animals, you no longer can act without compassion and love.

- Marie Selarque, CPDT-KA Dog Trainer, Honolulu, Hawaii  

What Dr. Joseph has done here is to take concepts that until now were either intuitive or theoretical, and made them practical. Her ideas, approaches, techniques, and methods for interacting with and relating to our animal friends will benefit everyone who values those relationships.

- Curt Cressler, Screenwriter, Los Angeles, California 

A blessed book that can help us move beyond the boundaries of humancentric thinking to a truer self-understanding, as creatures living in mutuality with all life.

- Cesar Bujosa, Minister, Milford, Pennsylvania  


In reading about these 33 Principles, I am intrigued by Genie's work and research. I especially enjoyed the "Inner Compass to your True North", having had many like experiences. Also, the message that you can't fool animals, I know to be true of horses! They generally understand our emotional state better than we do! I enjoyed hearing and seeing Genie communicate with our horses, and look forward to further collaboration!

- Jeanie Shepherd, Horse Trainer, EASE Facilitator Equanimity Ranch, Tucson, Arizona 


I hope more veterans will be able to participate in The Human-Animal Connection’s Therapy dog program. It is as healing for me as it is for the kids in the classroom. It inspires me to imagine a more peaceful world – for people and animals – based on better understanding and clearer communication. We owe it to animals to respect their unique wisdom.

- Sargent Jim Filipiak, Vietnam Veteran, Tucson, Arizona  

After working with Genie with my beloved Oso for the last year, she has taught me the importance of recognizing we are in relationship with our animals, and on a journey of mutual learning that will last a lifetime. I have fundamentally changed how I view, appreciate, interact with, and love my animals. I value the wisdom I now get from my animals more than ever. Genie’s 33 Principles are a practical guide to help us gain the insights and perspective necessary to incorporate a deeper human-animal connection into our daily lives, which helps us love, learn, and heal throughout life.

- Sara Shorin, Medical Advocate, Tahoe, Nevada  

Genie Joseph has written a comprehensive book on The Human-Animal Connection that goes far beyond most books to consider all the ways that we can create remarkable relationships with our animals. If you are an animal lover you will appreciate the care and love that she shares in her process to describe ways to effectively heal trauma, anxiety and stress in both humans and animals. She shows what resilience can look like for everyone including the animals and special groups like veterans, active-duty military, children and teens in a practical and understandable way. Her strong message is that "animals bring unconditional love and comfort in a way that is beyond words.

- Dr. Mitzi Gold, Psychologist, Honolulu, Hawaii  

The Human-Animal Connection presents a pathway to a more equitable, enlightened, and loving partnership with animals. Before this book, I had no idea how to communicate with my cat. Now I am learning to communicate with animals to improve the quality of their lives and ours.

- Jean Parker, Educator, Tucson, Arizona 


As one of our first public practitioners of the Trust Technique in the USA, Genie Joseph has a wide range of skills, one of which is her ability to write and share education with the many, via the platform of the written word. We congratulate Genie on the launch of her new book- The Human-Animal Connection. As the Trust Technique is for both humans and animals with its unique skill of identifying and reducing the shared feelings of stress between them as well as increasing the potential for peace.  Genie's book is a wonderful introduction to the human/animal relationship.

- James French The Trust Technique - England 

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