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The Human-Animal Connection Book
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The Human-Animal Connection – Author Genie Joseph, PhD

Suggested Interview Questions about the 33 Principles of The Human-Animal Connection


In-Depth Interview –


  1. Who’s a Good Doggie? You are! How can you use The Sense of Goodness for healing?

  2. What can we gain by connecting to our Animal Nature?

  3. What is the value of connecting to our Animal Senses?  How can you get your Senses in Order?

  4. How can connecting to your Animality increase your intuition?

  5. What is the Power of Presence? How can it heal animals and people?

  6. What is the value of Love Beyond Words?

  7. What is the difference between Giving Touch vs. Taking Touch?  What is invisible touch?

  8. How can we tap into the Healing Power of Play?

  9. What is the Power of Focus? How can it help shelter dogs as well as dogs who share our lives?

  10. What is Relationship Training, and why is it important?

  11. What does it mean to say that Animals have opinions?

  12. What happens in your high school program Canines Teach Compassion?

  13. Why is it important to honor Animal Wisdom?  How can the Animal Wisdom of Towards & Away help us navigate our own lives?

  14. How can we open the door to the Language of Silence and animal communication?

  15. How was Oscar, my rescue dog, a partner in healing for over 4,000 Service Members & Veterans.

  16. What can we do to help shelter animals?  How can we help frightened animals – using rhythm, timing and perfect distance?

  17. Can we rebuild a Sense of Safety in people and traumatized animals?

  18. Animals can experience trauma.  Why is Trust the foundation of healing?

  19. Shaking Wisdom – what can we learn from dogs about letting go?

  20. What can animals show us about changing our relationship to time?

  21. Why do animals need Freedom of Choice?

  22. The Goldilocks Solution – why is balance good for people and animals?

  23. Is my dog an introvert or an extrovert?  Does he/she need more predictability or newness?

  24. What’s in a name?  Everything!  How does the right name affect the soul of an animal?

  25. Do animals have souls?  Can we talk to those who have passed?


Brief Interview


Five Ways to Deepen your Connection with Animals

  1. Recognize that animals have opinions

  2. All behavior is an attempt to feel safe and connected

  3. View Training as human-animal relationship training

  4. Attend to Towards & Away

  5. Choose Calm. Recognize animals pick up on our unconscious emotions and stress


2.  What is the Power of Focus and how can you use it with your dog?

3. How to evaluate your dog’s level of stress and how to manage triggers.

4. Are your dog’s senses out of order?  How this can cause stress for both of you.

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