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Course -Units Overview

Unit Overview of Lessons

Unit One Introduction: The Human-Animal Bond

The Human-Animal Connection

Heroes4Animals - The Veteran Program

We Are Animals – They Are Non-Human Animals

Animals Feel Pain – Just Like Us

The Dog Who Inspired Florence Nightingale – The Paw Prints on History

Anthropomorphism – The Boogeyman of Research

The Art of Animal Observation

Power Animals & Animal Messengers

Unit Two Introduction: Animal Cognition and Communication

The Inner Lives of Animals

Animal Emotions – New Research and Evidence

Language and the Continuum of Animal Communication (Apes, Bonobos, and Chimps)

The Question of Animal Consciousness

Animals and Language Learning Experiments

Evidence of Animal Empathy, and a Sense of Fairness

Animals’ Compassion – Inspiring Stories & Anecdotal Examples

Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are (Frans De Waal)

The Truth About Alpha Males

Extensive Sensory Perception – How Do Animals Know What They Know?

Animals & Musicality

Animal Unexpected Friendships – Cross-Species

Plants Communicate – To Each Other


Unit Three Introduction: Inter-Species Communication

Animal-to-Animal Communication (across species)

The Elephant Whisperer – Conservationist Lawrence Anthony

Crows Will Remember You – Marzluff Crow Research

The Tradition of Power Animals and Spiritual Connections

Humans Can Learn to “Speak-Dog”

Unit Four Introduction:  Therapeutic Partnership with Animals

Canine Covid Detectives

Heroes4Animals - The Veteran Program

Mustang Ambassador of Peace - How a Horse Healed a Man

Therapeutic Value of Playing with Animals Who Play

Horses & Healing – Introduction to Equine Therapy

What is a Service Animal?

Lowering Stress with Companion Animals

Animals as Partners in Therapy

Therapy Animals and Animal Assisted Therapy Visits (AAT)

Therapy Animal Visits – Benefits for Staff Morale

Dogs Help Children Learn to Read

Dogs Detecting Cancer

Autism and Service Dogs

Seizure Alert and Response Dogs

Diabetic Alert Dogs

Robotic Therapy Animals for Elderly Patients

Animals Predict Human Deaths in Nursing Facilities

Therapy Dogs in the Courtroom – for Children Testifying

Comfort Dog Assistance – After Shootings and Disasters

Unit Five Introduction:   Animal Shelters and Solutions – Legal Ethical Issues

My Shetler Personality VS. My True Nature

A Bolt of Inspiration

Smitty The Pitty Emerges from Fear

Animal Legal and Ethical Issues – The Fight Goes On

Animal Experiments in Labs – What Have We Learned?

Dogs in Prisons – Training Programs for Prisoners and Shelter Dogs

Animal Cruelty Prevention Efforts – Past, Present & Future

Emergency Pet Sheltering – For Disasters and Law Enforcement Rescues

Homeless People with Animals – What They Need

Protecting Racehorses – The Horseracing Integrity Act

Saving Baby Orangutans

Orphan Kittens - Animal Most Often Euthanized in Shelters

Cows Don't Like Stress - How Dr. Temple Grandin Helped 

Animal Shelters & Solutions to Homeless Animals

Bo's Second Chance at Love

Unit Six Introduction:  Military and Law Enforcement Working Dogs

Military Working dogs – (history, present, and future)

Therapy Canines in Combat

Law Enforcement Canines

Disaster Response Dogs

Search and Rescue Work

Unit Seven Introduction: Holistic Animal Healing Methods

Holistic Animal Care

Animal Massage

Animal Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, Holistic Care Practices

Healing Practices for People and Pets

Unit Eight Introduction:  Resilience & Rehabilitation of Traumatized Animals

Bo's Second Chance at Love

A Bolt of Inspiration

Smitty The Pitty Overcomes Fear

Heroes4Animals - The Veteran Program

From Dog Fighting to Therapy Dog - Pit Bull's Resilience

Dogs Have an Individual Purpose

Unit Nine Introduction:  Training Methods & Careers in Animal Care

Brief History of Animal Training and Methodology

Pavlov and Classical Conditioning

Positive Training Methods and Rationale

The Trust Technique

Overview of Careers in Animal Services

Grief Counseling and Pet Bereavement Counseling

Veterinarian-Assisted Home Euthanasia

Building Your Own Animal Care Practice

Unit Ten Introduction:  Resources & Final Projects

Suggested Reading List

Final Exam

Final Research and Project Submission

Capstone Research Project

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