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The Elephant Whisperer - Lawrence Anthony

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

The Elephants taught him how to communicate

Conservationist Lawrence Anthony developed a reputation as the elephant whisperer because of his ability to calm down African elephants who were unhappy about being relocated to his reserve for their protection.

Anthony didn't start out believing that he could communicate with elephants, but in many situations it was a life and death crisis if he couldn't make it clear to these traumatized and untrusting elephants that he had their best interests at heart -- and that he was trying to save them from those who wanted to exterminate them. To say nothing of the poachers who were hired to kill them to steal their ivory tusks.

Finally, he learned how to “communicate to them that they would be killed if they left the protected area.” (To learn how he communicated with them, read his book The Elephant Whisperer: My Life with the Herd in the African Wild).

This is one of my favorite books about elephants

Years later, Anthony died of a heart attack. He had not been in the reserve or seen the elephants for many years, but somehow, the elephants sensed that Anthony had passed. They left the reserve and traveled for 12 hours to his home to pay their respects.

Just as an elephant will mourn the dead of its own species, they came out for Anthony.

Two full herds of elephants came in a procession to his home. This massive group of gigantic elephants waited on Anthony’s property for two days to mourn his death before they headed back home.

Another example, this one from a noted “Animal Communicator” with excellent corroborated case studies, Samantha Khury, talks about visiting with a 70-year-old Asian elephant in the San Diego Zoo. Kkury believes she is able to have two-way-telepathic conversations with all animals.

After chatting briefly with the elephants, she thought the conversation was over and turned to leave. The elephant tried to kick her, and the keepers intervened. When Samantha turned back, she “heard” the elephant’s telepathic communication, “I wasn’t finished speaking. That was very rude of you to leave.”

When Samantha asked what else the elephant wanted to say, the elephant said she was in pain, lifted her foot, and showed where it was hurting. Samantha gave the elephant some foot massage and removed the irritating material that was lodged in the footpads. When Samantha was finished, the elephant bowed to her fully, a behavior the zookeepers had never seen her do. What the elephant told Samantha helped the zookeepers to better protect her feet in the future.

Samantha shows we can literally hear what elephants (and other animals) are feeling

Samantha Khury believes that accurate two-way communication between humans and animals can lead to a more humane world. Watch this story about Samantha communicates to animals in pictures.

WARNING: The video below is not easy to watch, and if you can't handle human-to-elephant cruelty, you may not want to watch. It is a reading from Samantha with a traumatized circus elephant. But for those who want to understand how Samantha communicates and receives information, you may find this video very powerful to watch.

In 1984, Nosey, a two-year-old baby elephant in Zimbabwe, along with sixty other babies were taken when their parents were killed. Most baby elephants stay with their mothers and nurse until about age five. These helpless babies were sold to circuses in the US. Nosey was treated brutally and lived without the presence of other elephants in a small circus until finally she was confiscated by a local police department in 2017. Elephants can not thrive when they are not with other elephants. She spent over thirty years in brutal conditions, forced to give rides that exceeded her weight-carrying limit. She now lives in an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee and is surrounded by other elephants.


Thanks to the efforts of animal advocates, Nosey is now in an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee! Her owner was cited for cruelty over 200 times, but because the laws in this country are not strong enough, he was not held accountable for his cruel actions. Because of weak laws or laws that aren't enforced, animals continue to suffer until the public puts enough pressure on lawmakers to protect them.

To read more about Nosey's story, visit:

The Potential Hope -- from Animal Communication

To communicate we have to respectfully mentally enter the animal's world

Obviously, anecdotal stories from experts in Animal Communication will require more research and verification to qualify as science. But they point us in the direction of how little we currently know and the need for greater understanding. They give us hope and show us the possibilities. This may be the outer edge on the frontiers of science, but they point to the potential collaboration between human and non-human animals.

Here are some of the doors they can open:

What do the animals want to tell us?

What do they want us to know?

How can we serve them better?

And, they give us inspiration about crossing the communication barrier between species. Please consider the possibility that animals have thoughts, feelings, desires, and rights. And do whatever you can to bridge the gap of silence.

A Little Girl and a Big Elephant - Pooja and Shanti

This is one of my favorite documentaries; it is the story of how a young girl developed a deep bond with a Temple Elephant. It is in German but has English subtitles.

Genie Joseph, PhD

Director: The Human-Animal Connection


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