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The Human-Animal Connection
 Online Lessons

Lessons Overview

We help create a bridge between the Animal Kingdom and the Human Kingdom to create a deeper connection.


Humans can learn to open awareness to more fully understand the animals with whom they share their lives.


We do this through opening awareness and creating a two-way channel of communication.


We seek to connect in peaceful, respectful, and profound ways for the healing of both human and animal.

What you will learn

All animals communicate.  They just have different methods of doing it.  While humans have language -- which can be used to tell the truth or not to -- animals have their own methods which very effectively communicate their thoughts, feelings, desires, and intentions.  Humans can learn to "crack the animal communication code" and have deeper, more respectful interactions.  This course explores the most exciting evidence on the frontiers of animal science and cognition through ten units of study that explore the most significant aspects of the Human-Animal Connection.  But it goes beyond because we believe we can have "direct knowing" about the inner lives of animals.  By learning to calm the mind, humans can have more profound interactions with the animals who share their lives.

Who these lessons are for

This course is for anyone who wants to have a more respectful and profound connection with animals.  People who work with animals in a professional context or volunteering at shelters or rescue organizations can greatly benefit from learning new pathways to create greater understanding, cooperation, and methods to ease fear or suffering.  The course also gives an overview of animal-assisted therapy and healing, medical alert dogs, cancer-detection dogs, military and law enforcement working dogs and many of the wonderful developments in the human-animal partnership.

Lessons description

The course is structured into ten units, listed below.  Students can choose to focus on the areas of greatest relevance to their purposes.  By the end of the course, students will have a broader understanding of the current animal science, as well as the potential for personal development of an enriched partnernship with animals.

Lessons content

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