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Video Resources:

Some samples of the videos we use in this study course.

Frans de Waal - Chimp's Sense of Fairness


Dutch Primatologist Frans De Waal has studied empathy and pro-social behavior in animals.  In this video he discusses a sense of fairness in animals.  In time, animals will refuse a treat if their neighbor is deprived of one, and will release an animal trapped in a cage before taking a treat for themselves. 

The Trust Technique -- Calming Horses


James French (England) is the creator of a method that calms and brings a peaceful state to all animals, helping them to do their own healing as their nervous system moves into balance.  This rapid method creates rapid changes in behavior and leads to better understanding of what animals might be feelings.  For more information:

Therapy Dog in a Nursing Home Brightens Lives


This untrained Therapy Dog, a toy poodle, has a huge impact on the quality of lives for patients and staff.  Nalo makes "rounds" getting patients to engage, feel optimistic, and express love and joy.   Seeing Nalo, giving and receiving affection is the high-point of the resident's day.  And Nalo seems to know exactly who needs attention the most.

Human-Animal Bond Program at Army Hospital

Therapy Animals in an Army Hospital bring a special kind of healing, reduces anxiety, and gets soldiers to speak more in therapy sessions.  Therapy animals also help staff to feel more engaged and satisfied with work.  These are specially trained and certified animals, and this video describes the process of becoming a certified Human Animal Bond handler team.

Rats Laugh when Tickled:

Jaak Panksapp, neuroscientist, has demonstrated how animals experience pleasure.  He has studied rats' response to tickling.  Using special audio equipment (used to record bat's sounds) they discovered that rats laugh when tickled.  He also noted that they seek this attention, and begin laughing in anticipation of a known tickler's presence. 

Injured Wolf Receives Energy Healing

This wolf, with an unresolvable neurological neck issue, received a few treatments of "Reiki" Energy Healing.  He made noticable progress with his condition.  Watch this video to see the wolf's response and desire for additional healing.

Koko - Gorilla Who Was Taught Sign Language


Koko has the vocabulary of a three-year-old human child and has given us much insight into her interior emotional world.  She asked for and cared for a kitten and has expressed very strong ideas and desires that challenge our previous ideas about the limitations of animal communication and intelligence.  To see more videos visit

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