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Sense of Safety

What Gentle Horses Can Teach Us

The Sense of Safety is the foundation of well-being.  When our Sense of Safety has been depleted, everything is more challenging, because our nervous system reverts to flight, fight or freeze.  We can learn to refill our safety tanks which leads to a fundamental trust in life and our place in the universe.  Even those who have experienced great trauma can learn to rebuild their Sense of Safety.


In this workshop we build a Sense of Safety as a bodily experience, like the other senses of sight, sound, touch etc. Working with horses, who are prey animals, we can learn a great deal about how to use our senses to attend to perceived danger, then quickly reset to calm once the stress is accurately evaluated.  This creates more brain neuroplasticity, allowing for more flexible behavior responses.  All behavior is an attempt to feel safe, but not all choices truly serve us.  Learn five methods you can use to easily restore a Sense of Safety from the core of your being.  We will practice these mindfulness methods with our horse partners who give precise responses to our state of being. 

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Presented by: Genie Joseph, PhD 

Genie Joseph, PhD is Executive Director of The Human-Animal Connection and volunteers in shelters, working with shy and traumatized animals and is a certified Trust Technique Practitioner. 

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