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Therapy Dog Training Class
with The Human-Animal Connection

Ever wonder if your dog would make a great therapy dog? What are the characteristics of a great therapy dog? Being a therapy dog team with your beloved pet partner is one of the most rewarding experiences as you bring smiles, and joy, and comfort to people. Who can resist a little furry love? Or a wagging tail, and a soul-searching gaze. If you are wondering what it takes to become a Certified Therapy Dog Team, join The Human-Animal Connection's educational session to learn more about how to bring purpose and service to your canine companion. Note some therapy dog organizations also will test and certify other species of therapy animals in addition to dogs. 

Zoom Session:  Could My Dog Be a Great Therapy Dog  

(August: Date to be announced) 

Eight Week Training Class – Saturdays 10:30 to Noon – Next Class: Sept 10-Oct 29th, 2022 


Class size limited to 6 teams. 

Contact Genie to register: 

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Genie Joseph, PhD


Genie Joseph, PhD, is the Executive Director of The Human-Animal Connection, a new 501c3 organization dedicated to bringing people and animals together for the benefit of both. The Human-Animal Connection offers free therapy dog visits to veterans, Active Duty, Health Care Providers, and anyone experiencing stress in the field of Service to Others. We also offer free educational classes and zoom sessions to help people deepen their connection to animals, increase empathy, and facilitate cross-species communication. Genie is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and creator of The Act Resilient Method and author of the book by that same name. Act Resilient, which works with Therapy Animals, has been presented to over 4,000 Service Members and their families, and for this work, she was given President Obama’s Volunteer Service Award. And her team at Tripler Army Medical Center was given a National Award for Workplace Resilience from the American Psychological Association. She is a volunteer at PACC and shares her life with her PACC rescue dog, Sophia, a certified Therapy Dog who has brought smiles to many humans. 

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