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Ever wonder if your dog would make a great therapy dog? What are the characteristics of a great therapy dog? Being a therapy dog team with your beloved pet partner is one of the most rewarding experiences as you bring smiles, and joy, and comfort to people. Who can resist a little furry love? Or a wagging tail, and a soul-searching gaze. If you are wondering what it takes to become a Certified Therapy Dog Team, join The Human-Animal Connection's educational session to learn more about how to bring purpose and service to your canine companion. Note some therapy dog organizations also will test and certify other species of therapy animals in addition to dogs. 

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Introduction to Animal Communication. Learn how to enter the world of animals and how to send and receive accurate messages. Bring pictures of animals you would like to connect with.

For more information, future classes, or if you are interested in arranging a class for your organization, please contact us.

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