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What People Are Saying After the Workshop

"This has been the most healing workshop

I have ever taken.  The horses open your heart. 

It is better than years of therapy." 

                                                         Annie O.

Heading 5What
Heading 5

"Learning how to enter the horse's world

changed me in some very deep way. 

It is like falling in love - but better. 

It is like coming home."

                                                         David G.

"This is just what my soul needed. 

It has restored my faith in healing.

I know now that I can be free."

                                                      Olivia R.

"My favorite part was walking with the herd.  Being a part of the herd. It's what's missing for humans - feeling connected like that. And letting the least dominant horse lead was beautiful."

                                                              Maria T.

I loved when we meditated with the horses. 

I have never felt such peace and I think I felt grounded for the first time ever.

I will take this with me."

                                                          Steve H.

"At first I was scared of horses and afraid to give them treats. But we learned how to be present, mindful, and it was an exchange of love. 

Not just food."

                                                            Cindy S.

"When we did the communicating with the horses -- it was like something I've wanted to experience my whole life.  Now I know I can."

                                                              Lesley W.

"This feeling of love -- the way you can feel it with Miss Betsy.  Flowing like a river.  This has been the highlight of my life."

                                                              Martha L.

"I've been to hundreds of spiritual workshops.  None of them were as profound, as sacred,

as life changing as this one."

                                                         Matthew G.


Entering the horse's world

with respect.

Building Trust. 

Allowing the horse to choose contact.

Every horse has a unique purpose. 

We listen to hear what the horse has to say.

GJ Chick Marie.jpg

Joining the herd.  Walking as a herd. 

Letting Diamond, the least dominant horse lead.

Learning to Listen.

Willing to be surprised.

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