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Connecting Deeply with Animals

Healing with Horses Classes in a Sanctuary for traumatized, injured and elderly horses in

Tucson, Arizona, USA

Due to trauma, Tihara could not have her head touched.  One day after Energy Healing, she initiated this contact with Randy.

Sweet Fire, bred to be a War Horse, was considered too dangerous by previous owners, who wanted to put her down.  After a few Healing Treatments with our Energy Healing, this dominant horse loves to be petted and brushed, and nuzzles endlessly.

We do not ride or dominate these horses, rather we seek to listen to them,

to respond to their needs and desires.



To give unadoptable horses the chance to heal and live a life of dignity.  We use traditional and holistic healing methods to give these horses a quality of life and the respect they deserve after a lifetime of service.

The human-equine connection

Some of the horses we've worked with

Miss Betsy

Princess Dixie

Sweet Fire

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Tihara & Sweet Fire

What We Believe

Genie Joseph, PhD

Director of Education

Animal Consciousness Institute

What we Do

Velvet - a Laughter Therapy Horse.

We believe that horses are sentient beings, not just tools or livestock.

We believe that many horses who have experienced trauma can heal.

We believe that what happened in the past does not have to dictate the future.

We believe that trust can be rebuilt.

We believe that love can often transform pain.

We believe that each horse is unique.

We believe that horses have thoughts, feelings, moods, opinions and desires.

We believe that horses have consciousness.

We believe that horses can and do help heal humans.

We believe that humans can and do help heal horses.

We believe that horses have done a great service to humanity.

We believe that it is time for humanity to treat horses with greater respect.

We believe that all horses deserve to live their lives with dignity, respect, and peace.

We believe that healing happens.

We believe that horses and humans can communicate with or without words.

We believe that a horse is more than his or her past, and that change is possible.

We believe that horses have an individual purpose.

We believe that horses communicate with each other in ways that we don't always understand.

We believe that if we learn to enter the horse's world we can communicate on many levels.

We believe that horses are sacred.

We believe that horses have much to teach us.

We believe that horses are connected to the Earth in ways we don't always understand.

We believe horses can show us how to love in deeper ways.

We believe that giving love to a horse changes the horse and the human.

We work with rescue horses various sanctuaries Many of these horses are unadoptable and will spend the rest of their lives in peace and dignity here.  Many of these horses have experienced extreme physical and mental trauma, were injured, left to starve, are elderly, or were discarded race horses once they couldn’t perform any more.

We don’t ride these horses.  Rather we seek to help them heal.  We use a variety of methods that are good for the horses and the humans.  We build trust, we listen, and we seek to enter the horse’s expanded sensory world with respect.  Our approach is not traditional, and rather than do training, we say we do UNTRAINING. 

We build a connection that is based on mutual trust.  We start with the five senses, and we go beyond.  We are working towards deeper listening, a heart-based communication style. 


Based on the belief that we can learn to actually hear, or feel, or know what a horse is feeling, thinking and desiring.

In our workshops, first, we work on learning how to become peaceful ourselves, as this is the foundation for listening to horses.  We learn how to adjust our body language to give calming signals.  And then we tune-in to their wave-length, which is where they want to communicate with us.  When we sense what they have to say it is always profound and healing for the human and the horse.

Our horses have shown us that trauma can be transformed.  And that we are not solely defined by the events that happened in our lives. 


Miss Betsy was forced to be a drug horse runner, where they tie all the horses’ legs together to keep them from escaping.  When they were done with her they left her in a barn to starve.  She was so frightened of people, dogs, everything, she would bolt, kick anyone who came near her, even to feed, and when left alone, she would just stand and stare at the wall of her stall.  After a couple of months of working with her with our soothing methods, she has become a total love bunny.  She loves interacting with people, walking with the dogs, and being treated to all the good in the world.

Sweet Fire was considered so violent, that someone tried to get a restraining order, trying to force the owner to put her down.  She will always be a very spirited horse, as is her nature.  And now that she trusts us, she has come to love the gentle encounters with humans.

Horses love it when we enter their world with respect.  They love to communicate.  And they love to heal us. 


Please join us in building a better world, one carrot at a time.

We work in partnership with all animals

Therapeutic Encounters for People & Horses

Individual and Small Group workshops

Healing with Horses

Listening to Horses

Therapeutic Connections

Meditating with Horses & the Full Moon

Contact:  Genie Joseph

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