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Canines Teach Compassion

We bring certified Therapy Animals into High School classrooms to lower stress and increase resilience. 


We have a unique combined curriculum that teaches social skills and emotional regulation. 


The dogs teach students that the first person they need to show compassion for is themselves.

Trigo cuddle (1).jpg

The dogs bring smiles and warm hearts.  We have consistently seen over 50% reduction in stress levels which leads to better academic and social outcomes.

Rincon mean stress final.png

We select shelter dogs and train them to become Therapy Dogs with our Human-Animal Connection methodology which is based on 33 Principles of respectful relationships and positive training.

Students can be involved in training classes, evaluating dogs, 

and other volunteer opportunities.

Pic 1 Sophia.JPG
Lou Ann class.jpg

Students help evaluate dogs in training

Sophia, my therapy dog.

Zora smile pet.jpg

     Students at Rincon High School feel the love

Comments from students in Canines Teach Compassion

I like this program a lot. I think it really helps kids who might be feeling bad. Before I started this program with the dogs I was at a loss with life. But being around the dogs made me feel like maybe I’m not lost and everything might be okay.



This program is amazing.  It is very fun and calming.  My favorite part is getting to pet the dogs.  I also like feeling their calm energy.



I really love the dog therapy because it is mentally relieving without having to actually speak out loud.  Sometimes stories flow freely from being comfortable, other times just have a dog sense your stress.  It allows for a break in the long day.  This year especially, it has added a break in senior year, so I enjoy it a lot.



It helps with stress and teaches us to treat the dogs correctly and to find different ways to help release “outside” problems.  You should continue these classes.



I love the dog program!  It gives me time to destress, relax and pet some awesome dogs.  The dogs are very well-behaved and sweet!  I think the program is perfect to provide some stress-free time for students with a lot on their plate.



What I really like about this program is being able to take a break from the headache that is school.  It's like a refresher for my brain, let’s me think more clearly.



I like it because it helps with stress.  You don't have to talk. You just feel better.



I like how all the dogs are calm and just let you pet them.  It helps me a lot so they should do this program again. I found it calming and relaxing.



They are really fun friendly dogs and a good program to have. I love the dogs.



I love seeing the animals and interacting with them.  Learning about them too.  This group should continue.



I love being with the dogs because they don't judge you. They just think you are a good person.  So maybe I am.



From the Guidance Counselor

Thank you again for all you do for our kids.  You are so calm and kind to them; they really respond to you.

About Act Resilient...

 How this Program evolved.

Oscar SB class.jpg
Oscar card small.jpg

Oscar, my first therapy dog, and my inspiration.

Canines Teach Compassion began as a program for the military called The Act Resilient Method which has been presented to over 4,000 veterans and Service members. 

Join Our Therapy Dog Team

Are you interested in doing therapy dog work?  Do you think your dog might make a great therapy animal? 

And as you can see, it's not just for dogs! 


Contact us to find out if we have a class starting soon or if you would like to get your dog evaluated for possible work as a therapy animal.

baby goat and therapy alpaca.jpg

Silly, the baby goat, and also a therapy alpaca came to class.

Make a donation

Please consider making a donation to support our work. The Human-Animal Connection is a non-profit 501c3 organization. All donations are tax deductible. 

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