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Healing with Horses

Energy Healing for Animals

Tihara couldn't be touched on the head.  One day after the healing treatment, she sought contact.

This interactive, mindful workshop (no riding) brings peace, balance, joy and healing love to horses and humans.  Respectful encounters teach a practice of how to relate to horses as sentient beings.  We work with traumatized horses in a private rescue, you will learn a special meditative practice that calms the horses as well as yourself.  Learn how to communicate non-verbally through intuitive and telepathic methods that horses adore.  This immersive experience leads to great healing for both human and horse, and induces a sacred encounter.

Working with rescue horses at a Gift Horse sanctuary it awakens your heart, changes your life, and the horse you serve.

You’ll learn how to:

Respectfully enter a horse’s world

*  Experience two-way intuitive communication

*  Send and receive love -- and energy healing

*  Release trauma from active memory

*  Receive guidance from your animal guides

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Healing with Horses.

Animals are natural healers.  And we can learn to enter their world – through getting present in our more refined senses, such as Intuition.  This introductory workshop explores energy healing for animals in a way that respects how they want to be approached, how to read their non-verbal cues, how to interpret their communication styles. 

These methods are excellent for animals in shelters, or who have been traumatized and may not be able to be touched.  These methods work with and without touch.

Your animals will love you even more for this healing.

You will be shown a variety of methods such as:


Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi

      (like gentle ocean-rocking)


Effleurage Massage,



Gentle vibration

Energy Healing to soothe and allow animals to move into balance and well-being. 

Meditate with Your Dog

Learn the special Infinity Meditation that you and your dog can do together.  Getting in sync with each other increases peace and well-being and encourages a deeper bond between Human and Animal.  Increase your intuitive understanding of what is happening inside the Animal's brain and emotions through opening awareness of the Poly-Vagal Neuro Circuitry.

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