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Heroes4Animals is our program for Veterans and active-duty service members and their families.  Working with shelter dogs and rescue horses with various challenges, such as trauma, fear, and under-socialization, we train the veterans to rehabilitate these animals to make them more readily adoptable.  This supervised experience is transformative for both the animal and the human.  It restores a sense of purpose and connection leading to profound well-being. 

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Healing with Horses

This is a transformative experience where we enter the horse's world. We learn how to create a sense of peace and invite the horse to engage in the horse's rhythm. Working with gentle horses in a rescue sanctuary, we learn how to give them energy healing, which lifts both horse and human.


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Healing Touch for All Animals

Learn a simple method of healing touch for all animals. Learn how to use Energy Healing for humans and animals to reduce stress and bring greater soothing and well being. Demo dog will be provided at event. You will learn a simple method you can use with all your animals.


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Animal Communication

Introduction to Animal Communication. Learn how to enter the world of animals and how to send and receive accurate messages. Bring pictures of animals you would like to connect with.


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