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The Human-Animal Connection Videos

Overview of the HAC - 2 minutes

The HAC High School Therapy Dog Program -

Canines Teach Compassion

Buff was a shelter dog who was too scared to be touched. Our HAC methods helped him become a cuddler and our demo dog in our class Healing Touch for Animals.

Could My Dog Be a Geat Therapy Dog? 48-minute zoom workshop

Podcast 18 minutes. Interview with Genie Joseph & Shelby Long Hammond -- Strategic Advisor Board 

In the HAC we often work with shy and traumatized dogs to help them get quickly adopted.  37 seconds

Big Red was a shelter Houdini who kept escaping.  We helped him relax and he was thus able to get adopted.

The Cat Hermitage Rescue and Sanctuary where cats have freedom of choice.  HAC Podcast 38-minutes.

The Human-Animal Bond Program at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii.  Four-minute video.

The Act Resilient Method was created by Genie Joseph, PhD.  It has been presented to over 4,000 service members and their families. We were given President Obama's Volunteer Service Award for this work.

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