The Trust Technique - According to a Rabbit

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

When I was training to be a Trust Technique Practitioner, I had some help from a wild baby rabbit with big ears. It seems he decided I could use a little help in being truly peaceful. Not that "fake peace, I'm not really watching you eat that carrot" type of pretend peace. Nope he was only interested in genuine, rabbit-tested total mind and body peace.

It all started with a little hole at the bottom of the fence in my backyard. Me on one side, and these little wild creatures who probably thought I was Godzilla on the other. But -- in all fairness, Godzilla-with-a-bag-of-baby-carrots.

First, I would leave the carrots -- and I would have to leave -- or they would be left -- to be found by braver creatures. But if I practiced my Trust Technique training, and got very still, after a few weeks, he would consider eating in my presence. As long as I was still as a statue. Just a little movement of my finger to scratch my leg, and he would dart back under the hole.

Never under-estimate the influential power of a little wild rabbit. It wasn't long before this little guy had trained me to not only sit as still as a statue, but to save my celery and lettuce scraps and dutifully deliver them every morning. He would peek out from the hole in the fence and nibble, nibble, nibble -- on my side. But if I even moved my eyeballs left or right -- GONE in a fraction of a second!

So I learned to sit still as a statue, my eyes near him, but not looking at him, dissolving into his peaceful rhythm. Quite impressed with myself, that I could be peaceful enough for a rabbit to grace....

Oh, no. Too much noisy thinking.

He is clearly not impressed with my high opinions or my bursting thoughts.

So, next day, I am determined to get peaceful, stay peaceful, and let him lead me beyond words. And when the words returned, to let them float away with the clouds.

After many weeks, he trusted that maybe I was more than just Godzilla with a bag of carrots. I was a collaborator, a co-partner in peaceful coexistence. He would eat my carrots and celery -- his mouth moving so quickly. And stare at me the whole time. As he was, of course, the boss of eye contact, I followed his lead.

Just the sight of his munching and crunching softened time.

I respected the line of distance between us. It was the perfect distance for our two worlds to touch. And so we sat in co-silence many mornings.

I was listening because I had come to appreciate his presence.

But I wondered where he went in the rain.

Perhaps he wondered why I had no ears.

How lucky I am to have a hole just big enough for a little rabbit. He is teaching me about the mysterious power of peace.

I listen. Because in silence, all answers can be heard.

If you would like to learn the Trust Technique for yourself, please have a look at The Messages of Trust at:

And here is a short video with James French, Creator of The Trust Technique.

Genie Joseph, PhD

Executive Director

The Human-Animal Connection


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