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On Donkey Time

Want to feel a little more peace in your life? Feel like you are rushing through everything? My recommendation is to spend some time with a donkey. They are fully in the present moment. Nothing is more important than just being here, right now. They take us out of our sense of linear time, where we worry and stress about the future -- or dwell on the past. They move us into what I call Donkey Time which is full and simple and every sense is engaged.


Donkeys have sometimes gotten a bad rap for being stubborn. If you've ever tried to make a donkey "go" when they don't want to -- you have experienced how determined they can be to not go! But the truth is -- donkeys have a very strong sense of self-preservation. They are oriented to what feels safe and good. They want what they want. When they disobey our desires, they are just honoring their senses. They won't take a step that they don't feel good about. They are very sensitive beings -- they can sense the slightest change in your thoughts or moods because they engage the world through their senses, where everything is real. Their experience is truthful and authentic. A donkey will only approach you if they want to.


When you step into "Donkey Time" your senses slow down and your world becomes full with the present. That's why The Human-Animal Connection is announcing our new workshop "On Donkey Time."

What do we do? We just sit with the donkeys. Or walk with them. We let them approach us. We only touch them if she moves into our space. Being with them in this respectful way slows us down, and makes us notice everything. Our world becomes incredibly small and focused and yet our experience widens -- opens up to their sensory world. They feel us and reflect back our true nature when we engage with them in this quiet way.


What Happens at the Workshop?


Nothing. Or I should say "no specific thing." We don't have a plan -- other than to say our plan is to gently enter the donkey space. We learn a method to calm ourselves enough to tune into the soft zone of donkey time. That means we don't rush. We patiently allow the donkeys to approach or not. We don't reach out to them, we let them reach out to us. Respecting their timing means we have to slow our desires to naturally reach out and scratch, or pet them, or stroke their long ears, or cuddle. Sometimes this is exactly what they want and will position their bodies just where they want this contact. What we are doing in this workshop is switch from our impulse to reach out and touch -- and move into watching, waiting for them to INVITE us to touch. If we get it wrong, no worries, they will teach us by gently walking away.

Here's where they show us how to be patient. It is more fun to let them choose how and when they want physical contact. Just looking into their eyes and letting them take you in touches you in a way you've been longing for.


I find these moments I am able to spend in donkey time stay with me for days. I can just connect with the memory of really being with them, and the way that they acknowledge the moment with their soulful gaze.

The Human-Animal Connection's new workshop is called --




which invites participants to spend time with donkeys. Or rather, to gain time by stepping into their slow rhythm. To feel what it feels like to be "chosen" by a donkey, who approaches only when he or she wants to. And hint, hint -- they choose to be near people who are kind and peaceful. They have amazingly good intuition about who is "good" to be near. They teach us to enter a world of peace and gentleness, a sensation that lasts for days. It's a sweet calmness that we've been missing in our busy lives.

On Donkey Time


Saturdays, Jan 14, 21 & 28th.

Equinimity Ranch (Front stables)

3742 N. Edith Blvd

Tucson, AZ, USA


Come to one or all

$25 per class or $60 for all three


Register here:  


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